Did you know that improper care of your drying vent can cause a fire in your home? In order to protect yourself and your family and reduce the fire risk, as well as improve the efficiency of your dryer, you need to maintain your dryer vent properly and this includes regular cleaning.

With time, lint and debris build up in the inner part of your dryer, blocking the vent as a result. This reduces the efficiency of the dryer and increases the energy consumption – so, cleaning the dryer vent can actually save you a lot of money, as well.

Poor maintenance of the dryer vent can result in increased utility costs, as well as damage to the dryer and clothes inside which only increases your bills. Damaged dryer will take longer to dry your clothes. Moreover, the built up linen and debris can become overheated during the drying process and can cause a fire. The blocked vent can also restrict airflow and causes poor indoors air quality, as well.

The basic function of the dryer is to remove moisture from the clothes. The moisture is held in the warm air and then expelled to the outdoors through the vent. Therefore, if your dryer vent is blocked with lint or debris, this can not only decrease its efficiency, but it also greatly increases the risk of fire.

Taking proper care of the dryer vent will protect you and your family from fires, smoke and pollutants, contained in the air. It’ll also reduce your energy bills significantly. Proper functioning of the dryer can also save you a lot of additional money, as you can be sure that your clothes will be properly dried and not damaged in the process. In addition, the dryer will last longer – in fact, purchasing a new dryer doesn’t eliminate the potential fire risk from the dryer vents.

If you haven’t clean your dryer vent in a long time, it’s probably time to check. How often you have to clean it depends on numerous factors, including the condition of the vent and how often you tend to use the dryer. Experts recommend to check and clean on a yearly basis, but this is hardly a rule and depends mostly on your unique satiation. There are, however, several things you need to look for – signs that your dryer needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. If you notice lint or debris outside the vent or if your clothes are not completely dried after the normal drying cycle, these are cues that the vent might be blocked. A musty odor or unusually hot clothes after the dryer has stopped also suggest that lint and debris might have built inside the vent.

You might have not thought a lot about cleaning your dryer vent, but it’s a good idea to start now. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can improve your financial situation by reducing your energy bills and saving you from unnecessary expenses. Most importantly, a clean vent will ensure you and your family’s safety. The lint and debris that build up inside the vent with time, can become overheated during the drying process and the clothes can caught up on fire. Make sure that your vent is clean – it will not only save you money but can also save your life!

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